Big Digital Apple: Online Exclusive | Artsy

Artsy 24 July - 25 August 2019



That distant future that happens now

Di Bin


art konnection & Artsy are pleased to present a virtual exhibition of recent work by artist Carlos Rodal. Mr. Rodal ´s work establishes a connection between the ancient civilizations and Western contemporary art.

From 1986-2019 works paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Since 1997 maintains studios work-shops in both Guadalajara and New York City.


500 years after the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, who pioneered the fusion of science, technology and art. This amalgamation continues to fascinate scientists and artists. Now in the twenty-first century, the alliance between artistic creation and digital media has brought to the art world a multitude of new and unknown universes.


Painting, drawing and photographing assembled by bits (binary digit), makes it possible to develop works of art never seen before that which only existed in the imagination and dreams. Rodal's recent collection, Big Digital Apple, is precisely this merger where the leitmotiv is the city of Manhattan, precisely the futuristic city and the wits par excellence. In this hybrid way, these new works are a portal where the simultaneous union between this real and virtual world takes place, which happens in the same space-time. That is, the existence of the marvellous real-life.